How To Remove Pigeons From Solar Panels

Some tips on how to get rid of pigeon nesting under solar panels include anti-swamp peaks, bevelled fabric configuration and more.

  1. Installation of anti-root peaks

You can buy antioxidant spikes at any garden centre or hardware store. The device can be easily connected to any point around the solar panel where the pigeons want to nest and sit. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and attach it correctly. Another soft option is a large toy that you can buy in many toys or department stores. Most birds simply hate it because they simply create an awkward landing surface.

  1. Inclined sheath adjustment

Very often, a fabric made of PVC, plywood or metal creates a slippery surface on which pigeons cannot sit. These products consist mainly of three pods that form a right triangle. The base can fit securely in a flat rest area. These birds cannot cultivate the surface at an angle of 60-40 degrees. It is enough to place it on a flat surface around the solar panel where the pigeon can sit.

  1. Jaw net

One of the most human and effective means of restraint for pigeons is the poultry net. They can be installed everywhere and are specially designed to cover the space under the solar panel, which can prevent these birds from laying eggs or sitting. Simply trim the mesh directly to the surface and rotate the edges. Whichever product you choose, Bird Mesh is less impressive, attractive and has a low profile.

  1. Hire professional services

If it is difficult to remove pigeons from solar panels, it is better to hire an experienced contractor who can install doors one by one. This device allows the pigeon to leave the space but prevents it from entering again. Also, these specialists can help clean the remaining feathers or faeces. It can maximize performance and minimize the damage to the expensive solar energy system.

  1. Install the Scare-Pigeon device

The scared pigeon device is a light bait or kite that can be purchased in the form of a hawk silhouette. Pigeons often only need to put them to rest to scare them. If you place these birds in the same area, these birds will get used to the presence of this device. Therefore, we recommend moving regularly for best results.


Pigeons can have fun, but falling stool can cause serious damage to expensive solar panel systems. Fortunately, the experts at Pigeon Solutions LLC mentioned that there are many things you can do to avoid this. But before taking action, check the laws of your region and country regarding your protection status and use the correct control methods when you learn to get rid of the pigeon nesting under solar panels. Visit thislink for more info.