Different Kinds Of Cocktail Napkins

We need cocktail napkins for different occasions. Whenever you have an occasion like a party where drinks are served, you need to be armed with cocktail napkins. Remember that these are napkins meant to be used for casual dining events as they are usually disposable ones. In case of a formal dining event you need to have cloth based napkins. For informal events, cocktail napkins can serve several purposes besides being placed under drinks or glasses. They can act as coasters for drinks as well as allow hors d’oeuvres to be picked up from a serving platter. 

Features of cocktail napkins

When you are stocking up on serviettes, cocktail napkins need to be collected as well, especially if you have a well stocked bar in your home. Besides serving beer bottles, any glass based drink or cocktail needs to be accompanied with cocktail napkins. It helps guests to hold the glass as well as preventing rings of condensation from forming on the table surface. It also helps guests to carry small snack items and dab their mouth to clear the same from time to time. Usually cocktail napkins are five inch square forms. There could be smaller or larger ones found as well while some might be rectangular. You could opt for plain white ones or ones that have embossed prints on them. You could even ask for personalized napkins from suppliers.

Innovative cocktail napkin designs

In this day and age of customization, you can even order in uniquely designed cocktail napkins. Unlike baby wipes, you simply need to ensure that they are made of virgin paper that is safe to touch and using to wipe mouth and hands. You can seek party napkins of certain designs or with funny graphics. Events could be made memorable by asking for customized printed napkins. These remain as memorabilia for an event that has a special importance. While the tissue paper that form such napkins are highly absorbent, they can comprise of interesting textures as well. There are a variety of designs and finishes to opt for as well. Visit this link to find out more reviews regarding baby wipes.

If you are planning a party and getting your orders together, even disposable party ware can comprise of customized printed or designed items. However, keep an eye open for the use of degradable materials so that such items do not end up adding to the toxic wastes in the environment. Hence, the use of paper based disposable items would make more sense than opting for cheap plastic items. You can browse around to find more innovative solutions for your party ware.